G6 ESL, 15-19 August, 2016

What is happening in G6 ESL?


Students will study vocabulary related to SS (command terms), English (nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs) and Science words related to the microscope (in preparation for an upcoming lab assessment).

Students will publish (type up and complete) their bio poem and begin research related to their name.

Students will learn about choosing a “just right book” at their reading level in English.


  1. Biopoem due Friday.
  2. Find out the meaning of your first name (due Friday).
  3. Reading a “Just Right Book” in English.


Students will begin to draft paragraphs and select a topic to write a “small moment” or personal narrative. Pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs (Parts of Speech) will be reviewed as students look at the structure of language and focus on improving their word choice in writing.

In classes, teachers are reading aloud the book “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. This book is a classic G6 novel, but also relates to our SS society unit. This book is difficult for many students who still need more support with English language. However, it is available to buy on-line (Amazon) in many different languages. If students want to keep strong in their first language and think about the ideas being discussed in class, they are strongly encouraged to read this book independently in their first language (if they can).

Social Studies

Students will continue working collaboratively to solve problems and prepare for their service learning project.

At the end of the week, there will be a reflection task on the problem- solving activities students have done. This will be a brief paragraph and is a formative assessment.


Students looked at prepared slides of different cells last week. This week they will prepare their own slides using fresh onion cells, their own cheek cells, and pond leaves. They will draw what they see on high power and label the parts of cells.

Vocabulary: nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, vacuole, mitochondrion, cell wall, chloroplasts, lysosomes.

Preparation: Remember to wear closed-in shoes when you are in the science lab.

Science Q1 Word Splash

Cell Structure Vocab


Mon 15 Tues 16 Wed 17 Thurs 18 Fri 19
Tutorials start Tutorial
Activities sign up Activities sign up Activities sign up Activities sign up
Biopoem Due

Name activity due





G6 ESL 8-12 August, 2016

What is happening in G6 ESL this week?


We will begin with introductions and check that students have their supplies, understand their schedules and how to use this ESL blog. We will also read together and write a bio- poem.

Preparation: Some vocabulary on the bio- poem may need to be translated into their home language for homework to help students understand the terms and help express what they want to say.

Bio Poem


Writing Ideas

Students will use a variety of brainstorming techniques to start collecting ideas. These ideas will eventually be used to craft a narrative that explores a small moment in the student’s life.

Preparation: Discuss with your parents (dinner time conversation) some times and experiences in your life that could be interesting and meaningful to write about e.g. starting at a new school, when a new sibling was born, a death in the family, winning a prize, a trip to another country…

Social Studies

Collaboration & Problem Solving

There will be cooperative activities to get to know each other. Planning will also begin for a long-term service learning project



Students will be looking at the structures of living things. They will learn how to focus a microscope, look at prepared slides under a microscope and label the cells’ parts. A video on Cell Structures will be viewed in class; students will be taking notes on it and start writing a lab report.


Preparation: When you are in the Science Lab wear closed in shoes.

Science Q1 Word Splash

Cell Structure Vocab


  • Activity Fair Monday 8h Aug.
  • Activity sign ups http://www.ismactivities-online.org/ start on Friday.
  • First season sports tryouts- soccer, volleyball, cross country, swimming. Give it a go!

Welcome to school year 2016/ 17 and ESL!

Welcome to School Year 2016/17!


The ESL curriculum at ISM focuses on the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. To achieve academic competency in English, your child has two EAP classes each week and is included in the mainstream core content areas, supported by a specialist in language acquisition in English, Social Studies and Science classes. Combining language and content instruction is essential to help your child develop both his/her language skills and age appropriate cognitive skills.

The units of study in Grade 6 are organized around the following conceptual themes: Structures, Cause & Effect, Discovery & Relationships.

G6 EAP Teacher

My name is Rena O’Regan. I graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a BA. I went on to do teaching credentials at Auckland Teachers College, NZ. I have done postgraduate work in curriculum at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, and have a Master of Arts in ESL through The College of New Jersey, USA. I have nearly three decades of teaching experience in upper elementary and middle schools teaching all subjects. I have lived in Asia for 24 years and I have taught at international schools in China and Indonesia before coming to the Philippines. I have taught ESL in elementary, and English/ Social Studies and ESL in Grade 6 at ISM.

G6 ESL blog

This is our class blog where both parents and students can find updates and discussions about what and how we are learning. For parents, there are useful tips and updates to help you support your child’s learning at school, and for students, this is a place to access information from class, review, and preview upcoming work. Students are strongly encouraged to check the blog on a weekly basis to help prepare for the week ahead.

We can look forward to a challenging and rewarding year, full of rich and exciting experiences. Let the Grade 6 learning journey begin. We are ready for take off!


Filipiniana is on Friday.

G6 Schedule:

7:30 – 8:32      Block C

8:37 – 9:40      Block D

9:40 – 9:55      Break

10:00 – 10:40  Block G

10:45 – 11:25  Block H

11:30 – 11:50  Advisory

11:55 – 12:15  Parade

12:15 – 1:15    Assembly in the FAT

1:15 – 2:00      Courtyard Fiesta – Lunch

2:00 – 3:00      Activity Period


Have a great break!

19-23 October



We have a one more week to go before our mid-term break.

This week Parent- Teacher Conferences continue. That means students have Mon and Tues afternoons off. I know you will be very upset about that (not)! Of course I know you will spend the afternoons READING and working on your CREATE A SOCIETY projects!

Conferences are for teachers to meet with parents only. Next semester we will have Student Led Conferences. :

Please note that there is a special schedule (see below) on Mon and Tues. You have all classes but they are shorter than usual.

There is also a special scheduled for Friday’s Filipinana, but that will be sent out in a separate blog post.

Mon 19 Tues 20 Wed 21 Thurs 22 Fri 23
Special Schedule. Dismissal 12pm. PT Conferences Special Schedule. Dismissal 12pm. PT Conferences Special Schedule. Filipiniana. Dismissal 3pm.
SS Assessment Create A Society viewing, blocks 3 & 5 Society Essay due for English.
Science presentations. Science presentations. Science presentations.
Homework: CAS Project and/ or Science presentation. Homework: CAS Project and/ or Science presentation. Homework: CAS Project and/ or Science presentation.


Shortened lessons Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Lesson 1: Sentence Structure, Speaking practice for Science.

Lesson 2: Sentence Structure, Society essays.

English & Social Studies

Students are continuing to work on their Create a Society projects and most people has been working very hard. Collaboration and time management can be challenging, so be efficient and make sure you use your time well. You will have a SS assessment on your society project on Wednesday. Presentations where “Elders” visit is on Thursday and final essays are due Friday.

Students may want to meet with their group on Mon or Tues afternoons  (the shortened days of school) this week and work on this project together. Be creative and have fun!

As you finalize the finishing touches to your amazing Create A Society projects, review the power points we had in class below to make sure you have everything you need! Also, remember to use the rubric to help guide you.



Can every member in your group answer all the questions below clearly and confidently reflecting planning, understanding and knowledge of your society? Make sure you are prepared!

  1. How was your previous society destroyed and how did this influence your decision-making?
  2. What are the core values for your society and why did you choose them?
  3. Describe a feature that makes your society unique/ideal/special.
  4. Where is your society located? How does the physical structure support the goals and values of your society?
  5. Why did you choose this system of government over others? How is it structured?
  6. How does your educational system prepare people for success in your society? How is it unique?
  7. What rights do your citizens have?  What responsibilities do your citizens have?
  8. Why would I want to live in your society?
  9. Have you noticed any aspects about your society that could create new problems?
  10. What makes your society stand out among others?
  11. Parents have been invited to view these fabulous societies on Thursday.


Mung Bean Lab Presentations will continue from Monday to Wednesday. Make sure you practice speaking audibly (loudly) and clearly at home. It is a good idea to video yourself, and then you can really see how you are. Think about volume, eye contact, gesture, fluency and confidence.

Work hard this week, and you can celebrate with a week’s holiday!


12-16 October, 2015


Mon 12 Tues 13 Wed 14 Thurs 15 Fri 16
MAP Language Usage MAP Language Usage Block 1 & 2 classes & Advisory.

12pm Dismissal

Science Lab Report due. Presentations begin!
MS PT Conferences


Wow, what an exciting weekend hosting and watching IASAS soccer at ISM. Our very own Koki, was also cheering for his brother, Naoki, who represented the ISM boys volleyball team in Bangkok. Congratulations to all the boys and girls teams for representing our school!

We have another busy and exciting week ahead.

This week Parent- Teacher Conferences will begin. That means Wednesday is a shortened day and students have Wed afternoon off. I know you will be so upset about that. (Yeah right!) Of course I know you will spend the afternoons READING and working on your CREATE A SOCIETY projects!

Conferences are for teachers to meet with parents only. Next semester we will have Student Led Conferences. 🙂


Lesson 1:  Writing Skills & Science Support 

  • Sentence structure- subject and predicate, fragments & run-ons
  • Writing practice- prep for Society essay
  • Science- mung bean lab report

Lesson 2: Reading Skills & SS support

  • Reading comprehension
  • Create A Society project prep


You have started your collaborative Create a Society projects and everyone is working well. This will continue all week in both subjects. The brainstorming and planning should soon be complete, and students can work on their assigned jobs and expository essay. A separate schedule will be posted to help you plan and guide your work. The final gallery that Elders and parents are invited to will be on Thursday 22nd Oct.

Students may want to meet with their group this Wed or next Mon and/or Tues afternoons  (the shortened days of school) to work on their project together. Manage you time well, be creative and have fun!

photo 1-4photo 3-5photo 4photo 1-1photo 1-5photo 5-2


You should finish writing your mung bean lab report this week and practice  presenting (speaking) it out loud so you are as fluent as can be.










5-9 October, 2015



  1. We have a full week of head of us this week and thankfully I will get to see EAP H block twice this week. Yay!
  2. MAP tests will be conducted this week. Math starts on Monday and Reading is on Wednesday. Make sure you have a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast on those days!
  3. Remind your parents to sign up for Parent Teacher conferences if they have not already done so.
  4. We have a MS Courtyard Party on Friday, and ISM is hosting IASAS Soccer, so there will be plenty of opportunities to work hard during the week, then go out and cheer for your school at the end of the week!
Mon 5 Tues 6 Wed 7 Thurs 8

Fri 9

MAP- Math EAP Reading Cloze MAP- Reading English- Reading Assessment EAP Reading Cloze
Homework:Reading Strategies- read & review Homework:Reading Strategies- read & review Homework:Reading Strategies- review Homework:CAS Homework:CAS
IASAS Soccer IASAS SoccerMS Courtyard Party 3pm
PTC sign ups online begins PTC sign ups PTC sign ups PTC sign ups PTC sign ups


Lesson 1: Reading & Writing Skills,  & Science Support 

  • Reading Strategies review and assessment prep
  • Writing practice- more expository (hamburger) paragraph practice
  • Science- mung bean lab report

Lesson 2: English, SS & Science support

  • Reading Assessment
  • Sentence structure- subject & predicate
  • Create A Society project prep
  • Matter vocabulary


In Writing Workshop students have reviewed the basic structure of expository writing. They have been meeting FRED and cooking up “hamburger” paragraphs to get them to be as tasty as possible. This week students will continue to practice these expository writing skills, as the Create A Society project will begin this week.

CAS English Rubric- expository essay

There will be a Reading Strategies assessment in class on Thursday 8h Oct. All Ms O’Regan’s students will be assigned a text to read by Monday evening, so check your email. Students should read the story and think about how they can apply the reading strategies in preparation for Thursday. Students will needs to define the strategy and explain how they used it in their reading. See the post below to help review all those metacognitive strategies.

Reading Strategy Review. RO’R


Students will embark on the Create A Society performance task where they will SYNTHESIZE all the learning that they have been doing in Social Studies to date and TRANSFORM it into their own society. This collaborative task will be challenging, but enjoyable!

This week students will focus on creating a Mission Statement for their society; decide on the location, government structure, a Bill Of Rights and Citizenship responsibilities and an education system for their society.

Tip for students:

Make sure you keep to the schedule and that all group members participate and collaborate so you all do the best job you can possibly do. Read the Performance Task Handout and Rubric carefully and use them to guide and help you know what is expected.

CAS Display Rubric

CAS SS Rubric



Students will show their understanding of the scientific process by finishing their mung bean lab report. They will also begin learning about solids, liquids and gases as part of the new chemistry topic on Matter.










14- 18 Sept, 2015


We have 3 busy days of work, including an author visit, then an exciting time ahead with CWW (Classroom Without Walls) on Thurs and Fri.

As well as reviewing for quizzes, one of your jobs for homework this week is to pack! Use the packing list provided to check the items off as you pack them into your SMALL bag.

Remember you need to be at school for roll call at 6.45am on Thursday. Buses depart at 7am on the dot.

Mon 14 Tues 15 Wed 16 Thurs 17 Fri 18
Government Quiz (Benford) Government Quiz (Beck) Kiera Cass author visit CWW CWW
EAP A Vocab Quiz Book Club 2
Parts of Speech Quiz

EAP (A Block only this week)

Lesson 1: Reading Skills and Social Studies support.

  • Reading Strategies: Book Club prep
  • Government vocab- review

Lesson 2: Writing Skills

  • Writing practice- paragraphs
  • Parts of Speech


  • Reading (BC reading and jobs)
  • Practice vocab for SS Quiz on government
  • Practice vocab EAP Quiz(A block)
    • These are the words you need to know and define: question, connect, summarize, summary, infer, inference, similar, different, unique, specialized, regular, irregular, arranged, distinguish, arranged, define, explain


Book Club # 2 will be on Wednesday 16th. Make sure you have:

1.     Read chunk 2,

2.     Summarized chunk 2

3.    Completed your BC role/ job

4.    Be ready to discuss your wonderful book.

Students will also review all the different Parts of Speech to help understand the structure of language. You will identify the different parts of speech in a paragraph of text for the quiz. Remind yourselves by checking out the Brainpop and Grammar Rock videos! (see the Grammar folder in the ESL Resources file)

Try this site to help you review: http://www.funbrain.com/grammar/


Be sure to use the ESL Resources O’Regan 2015-16 folder to help review for the quiz on Mon (Benford) & Tues (Beck).

Students will start talking about citizenship and people’s rights and responsibilities as background for the upcoming Create A Society performance task.


Cell activities will continue. Students will start review for a quiz after CWW. Use these videos to help you review and check the Science folder in ESL Resources.









7-11 September, 2015


We have a regular, busy week this week. Remember to return your CWW forms and sign up for the great G6 CWW Talent Show!

Mon 7 Tues 8 Wed 9 Thurs 10 Fri 11
      Book Club C/D Book Club E/F
Parts of Speech Quiz (some classes)


Lesson 1: Reading Skills and Social Studies support.

  • Reading Strategies: Summarizing, Connecting, Visualizing, Questioning, Inferring
  • Government vocab

Lesson 2: Writing Skills

  • Writing practice- summarizing
  • Parts of Speech


  • Reading (BC reading and jobs are fine)
  • Practice vocab for SS government topic
  • Vocab Quiz on Friday H block, next Monday A block
    • Make sure you know these words: question/ing, connect/ing, summarizing, summary, infer/ring, inference, similar, different, unique, specialized, regular, irregular, arranged, distinguish, define, explain


Book Club (BC) will start this week. Students are expected to have read Chunk 1 by Wednesday, summarized the chunk and prepared for their first BC role.

We will be practicing 4 reading strategies to help make you a stronger reader.

Teachers will model BC behavior and expectations in library time on Wednesday.

Parts of Speech will continue. Be prepared for a quiz very soon- either the end of this week or early next week. (Check with your teachers).

Try this site to help you review: http://www.funbrain.com/grammar/

Social Studies

Be sure to use the ESL Resources O’Regan 2015-16 folder in (see the bar on the right of this blog) to help review.

We will continue to learn the terms and concepts that are used to describe social structures and government systems. We will participate in some fun role-plays to help us understand these concepts. Below are the terms we will learn about:

  • Government
  • Society
  • Democracy
  • Communism
  • Monarchy
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Theocracy
  • Dictatorship
  • Transitional Government
  • Capitalism
  • Socialism
  • Communism

Again, it would be useful for you to discuss the meanings of these words with you parents and make sure you understand the terms in your first language (if you have not done so already). All students are asked to talk about what kind of government and social structure is in place in your home country. Feel free to talk about other countries with your parents as well, perhaps other countries your family has lived in, or visited, or countries that are in the news at the moment. Be prepared to come and share this information with your classmates.


Cell activities will continue. You will work on you analogy this week and create a poster.

Check this video out for a cool analogy.


There will be a quiz right after CWW.

Check these videos out to help you review.








24- 18 August, 2015

What is happening in G6 ESL?

Mon 24 Tues 25 Wed 26 Thurs 27 Fri 28
    Library Science Lab Practical moved to Tues
Tutorial Tutorial
New parents Meet and Greet 5pm (parents only) Open House (parents only) 5pm  


Lesson 1: Reading Skills and Social Studies support. 

  • Review “Just Right Books”- 5 Finger Test
  • Reading practice
  • More mapping vocabulary and atlas skills.

Lesson 2Writing Skills and Science support.

  • Fast writing practice.
  • Review Parts of Speech.
  • Review science vocabulary related to cells.
  • Preparation for practical lab assessment at end of week.


  • Reading a “Just Right Book” in English.
  • Practice vocab


Students will select one of their paragraph drafts to develop into a full small moment narrative. This will have a beginning, middle and end. Parts of Speech will also be continued (adverbs, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions) as students continue to look at the structure of language and focus on improving their word choice in writing.

Teachers will continue to read aloud “The Giver.” For some ESL students who find this book too challenging, they read an audio book independently on the laptop at this time.

Social Studies

Great job with Maps of My World projects! Mapping and atlas skills continue this week. There are a lot more vocab terms to learn. Make sure you check out the ESL Resources SS Folder to help you!


Students observed and sketched different cells last week. This week they will prepare their own slides using fresh onion cells, their own cheek cells, and pond leaves. There is a practical lab assessment on Tues 1st Sept, so attend tutorials if you need more help using the microscope.



  • Remember to wear closed-in shoes when you are in the science lab.
  • Again make sure you check out the ESL Resources Science Folder to help you!