G6 ESL, 3- 7 April 2017

What is happening in ESL this week?

Mon 3 Tues 4 Wed 5 Thurs 6 Fri 7
EAP B Reading Assessment Eng Book Club Eng Book Club SL Presentations
Eng Book Club  EAP G Reading Assessment


In EAP students will continue practicing their reading comprehension, and undertake a reading assessment. They did not get to study apostrophes last week; so will review them this week to strengthen grammar skills.


Students will focus on reading their book based on a social issue and will have their first Book Club meeting.


Students will continue to prepare for their Service Learning presentation. Parents, family and friends have been invited to attend the Service Learning Celebration at 7.30am on Fri 7 April.


Students will continue their investigation of electrical circuits.

Happy holidays! See you back at school on Monday 17 April.


G6 ESL, 27-31 March

What is happening in ESL this week?

Mon 27 Tues 28 Wed 29 Thurs 30 Fri 31

MAP Testing    Math

Dismissal 12pm

  MAP Testing    Math
12.30- 2.30 A-K  SS SL assessment
3.00- 5.00 L-Z Short Story review due.


In EAP students will practice their reading strategies and comprehension. There will be a reading assessment next week. They will also review how to use apostrophes correctly to strengthen their grammar.


Students will finish their review of their own short story using persuasive writing techniques.

They will also select and start reading a book for their Social Issues Book Club.



Students will create and prepare their Service Learning presentation to be ready for Fri 7 April.


Students will continue their investigation of electrical circuits. It will be electrifying!


G6 ESL, 20-24 March, 2017

What is happening in ESL this week?

Mon 20 Tues 21 Wed 22 Thurs 23 Fri 24
MAP Testing Language

Beck D & E  Benford C

MAP Testing Language

Benford F

MAP Testing Reading

Beck C & E Benford E

MAP Testing Reading

Benford E

 SS Debate SS Debate International Day. Wear national dress or house shirt.


In EAP students will undertake and complete an EAP assessment writing a news article about a current event. Students are expected to apply all the grammar and sentence structure skills they have been learning. They will also review how to use prepositions more fluently in their speaking and writing. 


Students will write an opinion piece in a review of their own short story. Persuasive writing techniques will connect nicely to persuasive speaking techniques used in SS.


In Social Studies, students will prepare and take part in a debate on Otzi’s death.



Students begin a unit on electricity. It will be electrifying!


Check the ESL Science Resources for the vocab in this unit.

Electrical Circuit Vocab Cards




G6 ESL, 13-17 March, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

We hope you had a great time at the MS Party on Friday and took the weekend to rest and recover.

Coming up: MAP Testing will begin the week of 20th March.

Mon 13 Tues 14 Wed 15 Thurs 16 Fri 17
Current  Events


In EAP students will focus on reading a nonfiction article and writing about a Current Event. They will be expected to apply all the grammar and sentence structure skills they have been learning about. Students will also practice reading skills and comprehension with short stories and articles.


Students have been reading a lot of short stories. Now it is time to review one and learn about persuasive writing techniques.


In Social Studies, students will continue their Otzi investigation. Research and note taking will be done, and students will prepare to debate their theory on how Otzi died.


Current Events

Please note all G6 students have to present a  Current Events news item to their SS class on a Friday during Semester 2.

Expectations are:

  • Students do this as an independent homework task.
  • The news has happened during the last week (Fri to Fri) .

Schedule for your presentation week:

  • FRI Over the weekend, student choose a topic.
  • SAT, SUN and/ or MON Follow the format provided and draft a presentation.
  • TUES Share that presentation with their teacher at Tues tutorial. Get feedback.
  • WED Revise your presentation and start to practice orally.
  • THURS Share your oral presentation with your teacher at Thursday tutorial.Get feedback.
  • THURS Final practice your presentation.
  • FRI Present

Current Events Rubric 2017

Current Events ESL Presentation Plan 2017


Students will finalise their Magnetic Inquiry.

G6 ESL, 6-10 March, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

We have another busy week ahead as G6 students complete some assessments and plan and prepare for their Service Learning Project and the MS Party on Friday.

Mon 6 Tues 7 Wed 8 Thurs 9 Fri 10
EAP B Vocab & Grammar Quiz EAP B G7 Course Registration EAP G G7 Course Registration Eng short story final due
EAP G Vocab & Grammar Quiz SS Current Events: Alerik & Koharu

Service Learning

MS Party


In EAP students will take the vocab & sentence structure quiz. Students will continue to look at characteristics of nonfiction texts, read texts and practice their reading comprehension. Students will learn how to use the rewordify program to help their reading.

Students will also sign up for their G7 course registration during EAP. At this stage all students will write that they are doing EAP in G7. End of year testing will be conducted in April & May, and students will be informed if they will be remaining or exiting EAP towards the end of the school year when all their grades, assessments and results are in. If students exit, they will select another language or elective at that time. Please make sure you know what your elective choices are and that you have discussed them with your parents. Course registration can only be done at school. Block EAP B will sign up on Tuesday 7th March. EAP G will sign up Thurs 11th March.



In English, students will finish drafting, revise and edit their short stories. Final stories are due Fri 10 March.


Students will begin an investigation on Otzi. Who is Otzi you ask? Be ready to use your research skills to find out!



Students will continue their individual Magnetic Inquiry assessment using the scientific method. Remember to write your investigation in 3rd person. Important concepts are claim, evidence, reason.


G6 ESL, 27 Feb- 3 March, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

I hope you had a restful holiday and enjoyed relaxing with family and friends. Now it’s back to work and six weeks to go until the fourth quarter and Easter break.

Mon 27 Tues 28 Wed 1 Thurs 2 Fri 3
SS Neolithic Revolution Assessment SS Neolithic Revolution Assessment
SS Current Events & Service Learning


In EAP students will review sentence structure, verb tenses and verb agreements for a quiz next week. Students will also look at characteristics of nonfiction texts, practice their reading comprehension, and have some additional time to learn vocab for English, SS and Science.


In English, students are continuing to draft their short stories. The foci this week is to add description and dialogue to their writing.



Students will learn about the Neolithic or Agricultural Revolution in Social Studies. There will be a brain frame assessment on Friday on this.

Vocab to learn:





hunters and gatherers






Students will work on their claim, evidence and reasoning posters. They will then start their individual Magnetic Inquiry assessment using the scientific method.

G6 ESL, 13-17 Feb, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

I hope you had a restful weekend have had recovered from our exciting CWW adventures last week.

This week is a four-day week for students. In all subject areas you will continue with tasks you started before CWW.

There is a one-week holiday next week. After the holiday there will be an EAP vocab and sentence structure quiz.

Mon 13 Tues 14 Wed 15 Thurs 16 Fri 17
      SS Early Humans Quiz Teacher PD Day
        No school for students


In EAP students will review verb tenses, practice their reading comprehension and have some additional time to review for the SS Early Human Quiz.

See the ESL Resources folder and EAP Google Classroom for review materials.



In English, students will begin drafting their short stories.


In Social Studies, students will finish viewing “Walking With Cavemen.” They will complete their notes and review for a quiz on Thursday.

Homework: Review for Quiz.


Students will continue to learn about magnets and undertake a task researching magnetic strength. They will continue to work their way through the scientific method to complete this task.



G6 ESL, 30 Jan- 4 Feb, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

There is plenty happening at ISM this week. We will have a lot of visitors at our school as ISM in hosting the IASAS Basketball tournament. There will be games in the MS and HS gyms all day Thursday through to Saturday. Go along and support your fellow Bearcats and show your Bearcat spirit!

Mon 30 Tues 31 Feb 1 Feb 2 Feb 3
  Science Energy Quiz Science Energy Quiz    
Spirit Week

Pajama Day

Spirit Week

Tropical Day


Spirit Week

Squadgoals Day

Spirit Week

Green, Yellow, White Day


Spirit Week

Bearcat Spirit IASAS


There will then be a rotation of stations again where students circulate around different tables with tasks related to Social Studies and Science vocabulary building. In Writing, we will start to review tenses and writing in the third person. There will also be independent and buddy reading time with both fiction and non-fiction texts


Students will have creative writing time to practice what they learned about character and point of view last week. They will also focus on setting, then introspection.


Students will learn about different theories and the evolution of early humans through a variety of sources. There is a lot of challenging vocab with this unit, so make sure you review the Vocab Cards. Note taking skills will be also used when students view the video on human evolution called “Walking With Cavemen.”



Students will have an Energy Quiz in the second science lesson of the week. They will then start learning about magnets and undertake a task researching magnetic strength. They will go work their way through the scientific method to complete this task.





G6 ESL, 23-27 January, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

We have a new classmate joining us. Welcome Gellert! We hope you and your family settle in well to ISM and Manila.

Mon 23 Tues 24 Wed 25 Thurs 26 Fri 27
    Semester 1 Report Cards available online   Wear your house shirt 
 Last day for CWW forms to be turned in


Students will start each lesson with a game or activity to practice their speaking and listening skills. There will then be a rotation of stations where students circulate between vocabulary games (related to Science and Social Studies), sentence structure tasks (to support grammar and writing), and reading activities (to improve skills and the short story reading and writing unit in English.


In Reading Writing Workshop this week there will be a focus on character and point of view. Students will compare and contrast different fairy tales to study stereotypes and different types of writing techniques.



In Social Studies students will be discovering their world and themselves. This week we will introduce the unit, look at the essential questions and think about “digging deeper” (literally and figuratively). Students will also spend some time reviewing the vocabulary and concepts associated with chronology and timelines.

Current Event Presentations will also be introduced and modeled. There is the expectation that every student will present a news item about a current piece of news that is happening in the world to the class once during the semester.



Students will record what they know about energy, then “discover” different forms of energy while undertaking a variety of tasks in the lab. There will be a quiz on different types of energy in the near future.

Energy Vocab Matching