13- 17 April 2015



Welcome back to school! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. We certainly needed that break and I hope it’s given you the chance to rest, relax and prepare for the “final leg” of the Grade 6 journey. You have just 8 weeks left!


In English we will get back into Writing Workshop mode by reviewing the elements of fiction. We will share our characters with peers to remind ourselves what we did last term, and plan and develop the SETTING and PLOT of our short story! We are now putting the IDEAS of our short story together and beginning to think about ORGANIZATION. Then, we will finally put fingers to keyboard and begin our drafting. Yay!

Reading for Genre Wheel should now be finished. Conferences will continue for Genre Wheel this week. It will be the last week for conferences. I am sure there was lots of reading done over the holiday so there will be lots of conferences to get through. Make sure you sign up early and pay attention to alternative choices for conferences and due dates for these tasks- (see O’Regan Eng/ SS Resources).


In Social Studies, the Fossils are Missing assignment will continue. Remember you will be paleoanthropologists this week recreating and researching your assigned hominid fossil for the upcoming Manila Institute.

The Fossils are Missing Overview and Rubric 2015

…and here are some helpful websites for you to look at if you wish!

Early Human Website For Kids

Fossil Brain Pop

Human Evolution

Prominent Hominid Fossils

Prehistoric Life

Home Tasks: Fossil research, placard & making

Here are some options!

The Fossils are Coming!


Mon 13 Tues 14 Wed 15 Thurs 16 Fri 17
Wellness O’R HB C Block Wellness V HB F Block Current Events: Joseph, Stefanija and Isabelle
Setting due end of class O’R HB Setting due end of class V HB Plot due end of class O’R & V HBs
Genre Wheel finished




5-9 May, 2014

May is already here! I hope you have recovered from Activity Day and are ready for a full week ahead.

What is happening in English and Social Studies this week?


The drafts of your short stories are coming along. You have been working hard at including all the tips we have studied at in class as well as integrating the key components of description, dialogue, introspection and action to help make your writing really powerful.

This week we will refine our drafts and do some PEER EDITING. Your drafts will be turned in for “a grade in progress” no later than Fri 9th May.

Homework: Short Story draft

Social Studies:

This week we will be learning about the Neolitihic (Agricultural) Revolution and there will be a short quiz on Friday about it. We will then move on to our final Social Studies assignment of the year- an independent research presentation using infographics. More on that will be available next week.


Homework: Review for Neolithic Revolution Quiz


Mon 5

Tues 6

Wed 7

Thurs 8

Fri 9

O’R HB WellnessCE: Pascale 

PTA Used Book Fair

V HB Wellness PTA Used Book Fair PTA Used Book FairNarrative Scene drafts due (O’R HB) PTA Used Book Fair  Narrative Scene drafts due (V HB) Current Events: Keva & Abby, Sudhanvita & Elian


MS Art Show

MS Play 6pm


Hominid Review 2014

Helpful tips to review for our SS Discovering Ourselves

“Our Hominid Past” Quiz.


This quiz is worth 25 points.

This is what you need to know:

  • What is the Theory of Human Evolution?
  • What is the Common Ancestor?
  • What evidence supports this theory (fossils, artifacts, rock art etc)?
  • How did climate change affect early hominids?
  • How to write about or draw and label a simple hominid family tree.
  • Basic hominid  info on:
  1. Australopithecus
  2. Homo Habilis
  3. Homo Ergaster
  4. Homo Erectus
  5. Homo Sapiens

Resources/ materials in your SS folder that should help you review include:

  • C Notes for “Walking With Cavemen”
  • Wordsplash
  • Notes from class
  • Brain Pops
  1. Human Evolution
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Natural Selection
  • Check the Blog roll under O’Regan Eng/ SS Resources for the Hominid Quiz

Vocabulary (make sure you know the definitions and can use these words appropriately in a sentence):

  1. artifact
  2. archeology
  3. archeologist
  4. paleoanthropologist
  5. excavate
  6. fossil
  7. discovery
  8. Charles Darwin
  9. nomad
  10. society
  11. genetic


View and explore “Becoming Human Website” www.becominghuman.org

Good luck!

Sentence Structure Review

Below are some sites to help you review SENTENCE STRUCTURE.

You are expected to be able to understand what comprises a sentence fragment, a run on sentence and a complete sentence. You also need to be able to recognize them in writing and texts.

Subject- Predicate

Grammar Rock Mr Morton Subject and Predicate


Subject- Predicate Rap


Subject Predicate song




 Sentence Fragments





 Run On Sentences





Brain Pop



First Day Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

We made it through our first day in Grade 6 for school year 2012-13. Yahoo! There was plenty of excitement and nervousness in the hallways this morning as students and teachers introduced themselves to each other, reacquainted with friends, met newcomers and found out what Grade 6 is all about. There was a lot to take in over the course of the day; lockers to come to terms with, variations to the schedule, and all those school supplies to sort out. But we survived and had a great day! 

My name is Rena O’Regan and this year I will be teaching English and Social Studies to the students who are in the Advisories of Ms Vergel, Coach Dassah, Ms Sucre and myself this year. I am a New Zealander who has taught in NZ, China, and Indonesia before arriving in the Philippines. This is my seventh year at ISM. I taught ESL in the elementary school before coming to MS four years ago. I am thrilled to be teaching two of my favorite subjects to G6 students again!

I have two sons who have both experienced G6 at ISM; Wiremu is now in Grade 8 and Arama is G10. I expect my sophomore to be in good hands as my husband, William Brown, is the HS Principal. I have a good understanding of how ISM works, both as a teacher and a parent, so if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The aim for the next couple of weeks is to settle students into school and establish routines and an environment where everyone is comfortable and ready to learn. If I have not met you already, I hope to do so in the near future. I also hope to see as many of you as possible at the MS Open House on Tuesday 20thth August. I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to work with 6th grade students again. I look forward to a challenging and rewarding year, full of rich and exciting learning experiences.

6th Grade here we come!


Welcome to SY 2013-14!

Dear Students,

Welcome to 6th grade! I am delighted to meet you. I will also be your English/ Social Studies Teacher. We are part of the Green Team which is made up of three other core teachers; Mr Hamaguchi, Mr Benford and Ms Vergel.

This is the start of my seventh year at ISManila, and is my fourth year in MS here. When I first came to Manila, I taught ESL in the Elementary School for three years.

Ali & me 005

I am so excited to be back in Middle School and working with you. We will be very busy learning about Structures, Relationships, Cause and Effect and Discoveries. All Grade 6 classes study these topics at the same time. Our first unit will be Structures.

Many of you are lucky as you are not new to MS any longer. However some of our classmates are new. I know I can rely on you to help all of the “newbies” feel comfortable and settle in.

I am sure you have lots of questions about Grade 6. Please feel free to ask any of your teachers, or myself. We are all here to help you!

I hope you have a great first day in sixth grade. I look forward to a terrific year working and learning with you.


Ms O’Regan 

3-6 June; the last week of school!

What is happening this week?


It is June, and it is our final week of sixth grade for the year 2012-13. Let’s make it a good one! There are only 3 ½ days of school to go…

We have regular classes on Monday and Tuesday.

There is no homework.

 Please make sure you have returned all your library and textbooks.

Also, start clearing those lockers out now! Bring a plastic bag or extra bag to carry belongings home.

On Wednesday there is a special program.

  • You go to your regular E  & F block class.
  • You will go to your HB for Assembly. Time to clear out your lockers.
  • 12.15- 2pm 6th grade movie time in designated classrooms
  • 2pm- 2.45 Year Book signing in Covered Court.

Thursday is a half day and the final day for students. There is a shortened schedule.

  • 7.30- 8.15 Period 1
  • 8.20- 9.05 Period 2
  • 9.05- 9.20 BREAK
  • 9.25- 11.20 G6 PARTY in LT
  • 11.30 Final MS ASSEMBLY in Gym
  • 12.00 Dismissal and SUMMER HOLIDAYS BEGIN!

Power school will be open on Thursday 6th June. Hard copies of report cards will be sent home the following week.

If you want some good books to read, go to the Scholastic website and search for the Summer Reading Challenge.


Strong Readers use the Young Adult List.


G6 Readers use the Ages 10-12 list.


Have fun reading & have a fabulous summer!

20-24 May

Wow- we have 14 days of sixth grade to go!!

You can start to return your library and text books.

Also, start clearing those lockers out now!

What is Happening in English and Social Studies this week?



This week we are working on the How To… booklets. These are due next Mon 27th May.

What Makes Great Stories Great – mind map OR how-to book

What Makes Marvelous Stories so Marvelous- Sample

We will also start to prepare our Future Forecast speeches. Students will present these from 29-31 May.

Social Studies

We will continue researching and drafting our Future Forecast speeches and visual presentation.

Future Forecast-Project Guidelines

Future Forecast Rubric 2013

Homework: Future Forecast Speech.


Mon 20

Tues 21

Wed 22

Thurs 23

Fri 24

Lost & Found Viewing

Lost & Found Viewing




MS Music Concert

Lost & Found Viewing

Lost & Found Viewing



Lost & Found Viewing


Current Events:

Tanvi & Khi Hoon


MS Party


MS Activity Day

Schedule for Activity Day

10th May


7:30 – 8:15         Roll, then Student Council Assembly MS Gym

8:20 – 9:20         Session 1

9:20 – 9:55         BREAK

10:00 – 11:00    Session 2

11:05 – 12:05    Session 3

12:10 – 1:00      LUNCH

1:00 – 2:00        Session 4

2:05 – 3:0          Assembly in FAT