G6 ESL, 5- 8 June, 2017


It is the final week of sixth grade for the year 2016-17. Let’s make it a good one! There are only 3 ½ days of school to go…

Mon 5 Tues 6 Wed 7 Thurs 8 Fri 9
Regular Day Regular Day Regular morning Shortened classes. Teacher Work Day
    G6 movies & year book signing G6 party & assembly

11.30 MS Assembly.

12pm School’s out!

Lost & found viewing.

Trash for treasure.

Lost & found viewing.

Trash for treasure.

Lost & found viewing.

Trash for treasure.

Lost & found viewing.

Trash for treasure.

PowerSchool opens 14 June

Students have regular classes on Monday and Tuesday.

There is no homework.

 Please make sure you have returned all your library and textbooks.

Also, start clearing those lockers out now! Bring a plastic bag or extra bag to carry belongings home.

On Wednesday there is a special program.

  • You go to your regular E  & F block class.
  • Year books will be handed out at the end of F block.
  • You will go to your HB for Advisory. Time to clear out your lockers.
  • 40am- 2pm 6thgrade movie time in designated classrooms

Thursday is a half-day and the final day for students. There is a shortened schedule.

  • 30- 8.15 Period 1
  • 20- 9.05 Period 2
  • 05- 9.20 BREAK
  • 25- 11.20 G6 PARTY in AMR
  • 30 Final MS ASSEMBLY
  • 00 Dismissals and SUMMER HOLIDAYS BEGIN!

Power school will be open to view report cards on 14th June.

If you want some good books to read, go to the Scholastic website and search for the Summer Reading Challenge. Sign up and challenge yourself. This is one option you can try.


EAP students:


Stronger readers in English:


Very strong Readers in English:


Have fun reading & have a fabulous summer! 




G6 ESL, 30 Jan- 4 Feb, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

There is plenty happening at ISM this week. We will have a lot of visitors at our school as ISM in hosting the IASAS Basketball tournament. There will be games in the MS and HS gyms all day Thursday through to Saturday. Go along and support your fellow Bearcats and show your Bearcat spirit!

Mon 30 Tues 31 Feb 1 Feb 2 Feb 3
  Science Energy Quiz Science Energy Quiz    
Spirit Week

Pajama Day

Spirit Week

Tropical Day


Spirit Week

Squadgoals Day

Spirit Week

Green, Yellow, White Day


Spirit Week

Bearcat Spirit IASAS


There will then be a rotation of stations again where students circulate around different tables with tasks related to Social Studies and Science vocabulary building. In Writing, we will start to review tenses and writing in the third person. There will also be independent and buddy reading time with both fiction and non-fiction texts


Students will have creative writing time to practice what they learned about character and point of view last week. They will also focus on setting, then introspection.


Students will learn about different theories and the evolution of early humans through a variety of sources. There is a lot of challenging vocab with this unit, so make sure you review the Vocab Cards. Note taking skills will be also used when students view the video on human evolution called “Walking With Cavemen.”



Students will have an Energy Quiz in the second science lesson of the week. They will then start learning about magnets and undertake a task researching magnetic strength. They will go work their way through the scientific method to complete this task.





G6 ESL, 9-13 January, 2017

What is happening in ESL this week?

Welcome to 2017 and welcome back to school! It will be exciting to hear all the holiday stories from around the world. We are about to embark on the second semester of Grade 6 and it will be as busy as the first!  I trust that  2017 will be a marvellous year for all of us.


Remember there is no Wellness this semester. Advisories are on Mondays and Wednesdays. Tutorials are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mon 9 Tues 10 Wed 11 Thurs 12 Fri 13
Student HOLIDAY Semester 2 and Quarter 3 begin
Advisory (just for day 1) Advisory Tutorial

The theme for Quarter 3 is DISCOVERYThe essential questions for this unit are:

  • How do discoveries happen?
  • How do new discoveries affect the truth?
  • Why would a discovery not be accepted?
  • What makes things true?


In EAP students will discover themselves as poets by writing haiku about their holidays. They will discover what phonemes are and how to use them in writing and spelling. They will also reflect on their semester 1 work and update their eportfolio.


The new unit in English is focused on discovering yourselves as writers and what makes a good story. Students will read short stories together in class from different books and an anthology collated by Avi, called “Best Shorts.”

All students are encouraged to read selections in this book and any other short stories they may come across. Students will be analyzing and looking at techniques and strategies authors use to write an effective short story in order to prepare and guide them through the process of writing their own short story later in the term.

Students will also be reading short stories in preparation for the G6 Cornerstone writing assessment that will take place next week. This will be an expository piece of writing that reflects all the skills students learned and practiced in semester 1.


In Social Studies students will rediscover their Service Learning project. They will review the work their group has done to date, and make plans for implementing their service.



Students will review the Matter unit for an upcoming quiz.

When that is done next week, they will “discover” different forms of energy while undertaking a variety of tasks in the lab.

G6 ESL, 7-11 November, 2016



We have a full week ahead. Year book photos will be take in EAP lessons. Make sure you look beautiful/ handsome on your assigned day!

Mon 7 Tues 8 Wed 9 Thurs 10 Fri 11
  EAP B Photos   EAP G Photos  Free Dress Day
        Benford classes: vocab cards & summary finished 


Students will continue to work on:

  • Recognizing types of sentences
  • Recognizing parts of a word- prefixes, bases, suffixes
  • Learning vocabulary associated with the new units
  • Practicing reading strategies

Make sure you bring your novel to class!

There will be a Reading Assessment next week on The Iron Man for G block, and the following week for B block.



Students will continue with the Novel Study unit. They will learn about the elements of fiction, including theme and setting.

Homework: Novel Study

  • You should have finished reading your novel by now. If not, get reading!
  • Summary
  • 10 vocab cards


One lesson will be continuing with the Service Learning project. The other lessons will be an introduction to Cause and Effect. Students will be learning about concepts associated with this unit. Teachers will model cause and effect through a study of WW1. Students will then research their own conflict based on their interest in the coming weeks.


Students will be in the lab again this week conducting experiments with solids, liquids and gases. They will work their way through the handouts with lots of predicting, observing, testing, and evaluating! Make sure you know the words on the vocab cards below.

Matter Vocab Cards



Welcome to school year 2016/ 17 and ESL!

Welcome to School Year 2016/17!


The ESL curriculum at ISM focuses on the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. To achieve academic competency in English, your child has two EAP classes each week and is included in the mainstream core content areas, supported by a specialist in language acquisition in English, Social Studies and Science classes. Combining language and content instruction is essential to help your child develop both his/her language skills and age appropriate cognitive skills.

The units of study in Grade 6 are organized around the following conceptual themes: Structures, Cause & Effect, Discovery & Relationships.

G6 EAP Teacher

My name is Rena O’Regan. I graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a BA. I went on to do teaching credentials at Auckland Teachers College, NZ. I have done postgraduate work in curriculum at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, and have a Master of Arts in ESL through The College of New Jersey, USA. I have nearly three decades of teaching experience in upper elementary and middle schools teaching all subjects. I have lived in Asia for 24 years and I have taught at international schools in China and Indonesia before coming to the Philippines. I have taught ESL in elementary, and English/ Social Studies and ESL in Grade 6 at ISM.

G6 ESL blog

This is our class blog where both parents and students can find updates and discussions about what and how we are learning. For parents, there are useful tips and updates to help you support your child’s learning at school, and for students, this is a place to access information from class, review, and preview upcoming work. Students are strongly encouraged to check the blog on a weekly basis to help prepare for the week ahead.

We can look forward to a challenging and rewarding year, full of rich and exciting experiences. Let the Grade 6 learning journey begin. We are ready for take off!

16- 20 November, 2015

 What is happening in ESL this week?

Mon 16 Tues 17 Wed 18 Thurs 19 Fri 20
Beck’s classes- Location Quiz Visitor Guides- due
Novel Study -finished reading, summaries and vocab cards
EAP A Vocab Quiz EAP H Vocab Quiz Current Events- Takeru, Grace, Mitsuki


We will continue WIDA assessments this week. Please be on time to class and have your Novel Study book to read. If you finish your tests, you can prepare for the EAP vocab Quiz, work on your Novel Study for English, or your Visitor Guide for SS.

Vocab Quiz is a review of the words we have been using in class recently.

  • sentence fragment
  • run- on sentence
  • simple sentence
  • compound sentence
  • complex sentence
  • specific
  • general
  • migration
  • demographics
  • research
  • solid
  • liquid
  • gas
  • expand
  • contract
  • increase
  • decrease
  • dissolve
  • disperse
  • particles


Students will continue reading their novel. You should have finished it by Friday. There will be mini lessons on setting, theme and cause and effect. For homework continue writing a summary and vocab card for each chunk.


Students will begin to publish their Visitor Guide and include maps showing absolute and relative location. Final guides will be due on Friday.

Beck’s classes will have their location Quiz on Tues.


Students will continue conducting experiments with solids, liquids and gases. These will be done back in the classroom. Work your way through the handouts with lots of predicting, observing, testing, and evaluating! Make sure you know the words on the vocab cards below.

Matter Vocab Cards




28 Sept- 1 Oct, 2015


I hope you had a lovely 4-day weekend. This week we have another short week and a 3-day weekend ahead of us!

Mon 28 Tues 29 Wed 30 Thurs 1 Fri 2
Book Club # 4 HOLIDAY
Homework: Homework: Homework: Homework:
BC Reading/BC summary BC Reading/BC job

SS- culture task

Review reading strategiesSS- culture task Review reading strategies


Lesson 1: Writing Skills & Science support EAP (H Block only once this week)

  •   Sentence structure- subject & predicate
  •   Writing practice- more expository (hamburger) paragraphs
  •   Introduction to Matter

Lesson 2: Reading Skills and Social Studies support.

  •   Reading Strategies: Book Club prep
  •   Culture task


Students will practice writing expository paragraphs in preparation for writing their own expository pieces for the upcoming Create A Society project.

The fourth and final Book Club meeting will be on Wednesday 30 Sept. Make sure you have

  1.    Read chunk 4
  2.    Summarized chunk 4
  3.    Completed your BC role/ job
  4.    Ready to discuss your wonderful book


Students will have one lesson discussing mission statements, then the rest of the week learning about culture and how it is represented in different societies.


Students will have their cell quizzes returned. Then they will begin a new topic on Matter. They will find out about solids, liquids and gases.


21- 25 Sept, 2015



We all had a fantastic time at Island Cove last Thursday & Friday. I trust you had great weekend recovering and preparing for the week ahead. Fortunately it is a short 3-day week for students.

Mon 21 Tues 22 Wed 23 Thurs 24 Fri 24
Science cell quiz Teacher Work Day
Book Club # 3 Holiday for Students Holiday for Students & Teachers
Homework:Science reviewBook Club summary Homework:Science reviewBook Club job Homework:Read BC chunk 4 Homework:Read BC chunk 4 Homework:Read BC chunk 4

EAP (A Block only again this week)

Lesson 1: Writing Skills & Science support

  • Expository vs narrative texts
  • Writing practice- expository (hamburger) paragraphs
  • Cell review- Kahoot!

Lesson 2: Reading Skills and Social Studies support.

  • Reading Strategies: Book Club prep
  • Citizenship- vocab


The focus is back on writing again in English. We will look at the similarities and differences between narrative and expository texts. We will also review expository paragraphs as preparation for writing our own expository pieces over the next 3 weeks.

The third Book Club meeting will be on Wednesday 23 Sept. Make sure you have

  1. Read chunk 3,
  2. Summarized chunk 3
  3. Completed your BC role/ job
  4. Ready to discuss your wonderful book.


Students will finish learning about citizenship and people’s rights and responsibilities. You will then look at educational and societal structures as further background for the upcoming Create A Society performance task.


Cell review will continue. Students will have their quiz on Wednesday. Use the videos to help you review and check the Science folder in ESL Resources.




























31 Aug- 4 Sept, 2015

What is happening in G6 ESL?

Mon 31

Tues 1 Wed 2 Thurs 3

Fri 4

HOLIDAY Science Lab Assessment SS Map Quiz


Story Teller

Block 2 G6 Assembly Story Teller
Book Club selection Small moments nearing completion (due Mon 7th)


Lesson 1: Reading Skills and Social Studies support.

  • Reading practice
  • A Block – Mapping vocabulary and atlas skills
  • H Block- Government vocab

Lesson 2: Writing Skills and Science support.

  • Writing practice.
  • Parts of Speech
  • Review science vocabulary related to cells. Form and function of cells.


  • Reading new Book Club book- chunk 1
  • Practice vocab for
  • Science (cells)
  • SS (maps & government)


Students will revise and edit their small moment narrative. This will be due on Friday (Benford) or Monday (Beck).

Parts of Speech will also continue (conjunctions, prepositions and interjections) as students continue to look at the structure of language and focus on improving their word choice and fluency in writing.

Book Clubs will be introduced. Yahoo! Students will be shown a selection of books available and make a choice. Book Club groups will then be determined and students can check out their book and start reading. There will be mini lessons on different reading strategies over the next two weeks. We will be going through all the details step-by-step in class.

Social Studies

There will be a Map Quiz on Wed. Make sure you review all the types and parts of a map.

Be sure to use the ESL Resources O’Regan 2015-16 folder in (see the bar on the right of this blog) to help review.

We will also introduce terms and concepts that are used to describe social structures and government systems. We will participate in some fun role-plays to help us understand these concepts. Below are the terms we will learn about:

  • Government
  • Society
  • Democracy
  • Communism
  • Monarchy
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Theocracy
  • Dictatorship
  • Transitional Government
  • Capitalism
  • Socialism
  • Communism

Students will then be introduced to different types of Government Systems. There will be a lot more vocabulary to learn with this unit!

Current Events presentations will start on Friday.

It would be very useful for you to discuss the meanings of these words with you parents and make sure you understand the terms in your first language. All students are asked to talk about what kind of government and social structure is in place in your home country. Feel free to talk about other countries with your parents as well, perhaps other countries your family has lived in, or visited, or countries that are in the news at the moment. Be prepared to come and share this information with your classmates.


Students have a practical lab assessment on Tues or Wed. They will then work on an information gap activity to practice and review their learning on cells. Again make sure you check out the ESL Resources Science Folder to help you!