G6 ESL 15-19 May, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

Mon 15 Tues 16 Wed 17 Thurs 18 Fri 19
EAP Quiz Current Events: Gellert, Theodor, Simon, Raphael

SS Assessment

Science Test

MS Idol


In EAP students will work on:

  • Take a vocab and sentence structure quiz (B block)
  • Prepare for a speaking assessment in coming up in 2 weeks
  • Review vocabulary and concepts in SS & Science
  • Prepare for the SS assessment on the Materials Economy
  • Continue to read Social Issue books to support English 


Students will work on planning and creating their Social Issues storybook. You can also work on this at home.


You should know all the terms related to the materials economy, which include: extraction, production, distribution, consumption, disposal and sustainability. You should be able to explain the positive and negative effects on each component of the economy.



Students will review the vocab and concepts related to plate tectonics for an assessment this week. Make sure you can plot precise coordinates on a map!