G6 ESL, 20-24 March, 2017

What is happening in ESL this week?

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MAP Testing Language

Beck D & E  Benford C

MAP Testing Language

Benford F

MAP Testing Reading

Beck C & E Benford E

MAP Testing Reading

Benford E

 SS Debate SS Debate International Day. Wear national dress or house shirt.


In EAP students will undertake and complete an EAP assessment writing a news article about a current event. Students are expected to apply all the grammar and sentence structure skills they have been learning. They will also review how to use prepositions more fluently in their speaking and writing. 


Students will write an opinion piece in a review of their own short story. Persuasive writing techniques will connect nicely to persuasive speaking techniques used in SS.


In Social Studies, students will prepare and take part in a debate on Otzi’s death.



Students begin a unit on electricity. It will be electrifying!


Check the ESL Science Resources for the vocab in this unit.

Electrical Circuit Vocab Cards