G6 ESL, 13-17 March, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

We hope you had a great time at the MS Party on Friday and took the weekend to rest and recover.

Coming up: MAP Testing will begin the week of 20th March.

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Current  Events


In EAP students will focus on reading a nonfiction article and writing about a Current Event. They will be expected to apply all the grammar and sentence structure skills they have been learning about. Students will also practice reading skills and comprehension with short stories and articles.


Students have been reading a lot of short stories. Now it is time to review one and learn about persuasive writing techniques.


In Social Studies, students will continue their Otzi investigation. Research and note taking will be done, and students will prepare to debate their theory on how Otzi died.


Current Events

Please note all G6 students have to present a  Current Events news item to their SS class on a Friday during Semester 2.

Expectations are:

  • Students do this as an independent homework task.
  • The news has happened during the last week (Fri to Fri) .

Schedule for your presentation week:

  • FRI Over the weekend, student choose a topic.
  • SAT, SUN and/ or MON Follow the format provided and draft a presentation.
  • TUES Share that presentation with their teacher at Tues tutorial. Get feedback.
  • WED Revise your presentation and start to practice orally.
  • THURS Share your oral presentation with your teacher at Thursday tutorial.Get feedback.
  • THURS Final practice your presentation.
  • FRI Present

Current Events Rubric 2017

Current Events ESL Presentation Plan 2017


Students will finalise their Magnetic Inquiry.