G6 ESL, 6-10 March, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

We have another busy week ahead as G6 students complete some assessments and plan and prepare for their Service Learning Project and the MS Party on Friday.

Mon 6 Tues 7 Wed 8 Thurs 9 Fri 10
EAP B Vocab & Grammar Quiz EAP B G7 Course Registration EAP G G7 Course Registration Eng short story final due
EAP G Vocab & Grammar Quiz SS Current Events: Alerik & Koharu

Service Learning

MS Party


In EAP students will take the vocab & sentence structure quiz. Students will continue to look at characteristics of nonfiction texts, read texts and practice their reading comprehension. Students will learn how to use the rewordify program to help their reading.

Students will also sign up for their G7 course registration during EAP. At this stage all students will write that they are doing EAP in G7. End of year testing will be conducted in April & May, and students will be informed if they will be remaining or exiting EAP towards the end of the school year when all their grades, assessments and results are in. If students exit, they will select another language or elective at that time. Please make sure you know what your elective choices are and that you have discussed them with your parents. Course registration can only be done at school. Block EAP B will sign up on Tuesday 7th March. EAP G will sign up Thurs 11th March.



In English, students will finish drafting, revise and edit their short stories. Final stories are due Fri 10 March.


Students will begin an investigation on Otzi. Who is Otzi you ask? Be ready to use your research skills to find out!



Students will continue their individual Magnetic Inquiry assessment using the scientific method. Remember to write your investigation in 3rd person. Important concepts are claim, evidence, reason.