G6 ESL, 13-17 Feb, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

I hope you had a restful weekend have had recovered from our exciting CWW adventures last week.

This week is a four-day week for students. In all subject areas you will continue with tasks you started before CWW.

There is a one-week holiday next week. After the holiday there will be an EAP vocab and sentence structure quiz.

Mon 13 Tues 14 Wed 15 Thurs 16 Fri 17
      SS Early Humans Quiz Teacher PD Day
        No school for students


In EAP students will review verb tenses, practice their reading comprehension and have some additional time to review for the SS Early Human Quiz.

See the ESL Resources folder and EAP Google Classroom for review materials.



In English, students will begin drafting their short stories.


In Social Studies, students will finish viewing “Walking With Cavemen.” They will complete their notes and review for a quiz on Thursday.

Homework: Review for Quiz.


Students will continue to learn about magnets and undertake a task researching magnetic strength. They will continue to work their way through the scientific method to complete this task.