G6 ESL, 30 Jan- 4 Feb, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

There is plenty happening at ISM this week. We will have a lot of visitors at our school as ISM in hosting the IASAS Basketball tournament. There will be games in the MS and HS gyms all day Thursday through to Saturday. Go along and support your fellow Bearcats and show your Bearcat spirit!

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  Science Energy Quiz Science Energy Quiz    
Spirit Week

Pajama Day

Spirit Week

Tropical Day


Spirit Week

Squadgoals Day

Spirit Week

Green, Yellow, White Day


Spirit Week

Bearcat Spirit IASAS


There will then be a rotation of stations again where students circulate around different tables with tasks related to Social Studies and Science vocabulary building. In Writing, we will start to review tenses and writing in the third person. There will also be independent and buddy reading time with both fiction and non-fiction texts


Students will have creative writing time to practice what they learned about character and point of view last week. They will also focus on setting, then introspection.


Students will learn about different theories and the evolution of early humans through a variety of sources. There is a lot of challenging vocab with this unit, so make sure you review the Vocab Cards. Note taking skills will be also used when students view the video on human evolution called “Walking With Cavemen.”



Students will have an Energy Quiz in the second science lesson of the week. They will then start learning about magnets and undertake a task researching magnetic strength. They will go work their way through the scientific method to complete this task.