G6 ESL, 23-27 January, 2017

What is happening in G6 ESL?

We have a new classmate joining us. Welcome Gellert! We hope you and your family settle in well to ISM and Manila.

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Students will start each lesson with a game or activity to practice their speaking and listening skills. There will then be a rotation of stations where students circulate between vocabulary games (related to Science and Social Studies), sentence structure tasks (to support grammar and writing), and reading activities (to improve skills and the short story reading and writing unit in English.


In Reading Writing Workshop this week there will be a focus on character and point of view. Students will compare and contrast different fairy tales to study stereotypes and different types of writing techniques.



In Social Studies students will be discovering their world and themselves. This week we will introduce the unit, look at the essential questions and think about “digging deeper” (literally and figuratively). Students will also spend some time reviewing the vocabulary and concepts associated with chronology and timelines.

Current Event Presentations will also be introduced and modeled. There is the expectation that every student will present a news item about a current piece of news that is happening in the world to the class once during the semester.



Students will record what they know about energy, then “discover” different forms of energy while undertaking a variety of tasks in the lab. There will be a quiz on different types of energy in the near future.

Energy Vocab Matching