G6 ESL, 16-20 January

What is happening in G6 ESL?

It’s a very busy week with three core assessments for the second week of the second semester.

Mon 16 Tues 17 Wed 18 Thurs 19 Fri  20
Eng Cornerstone Assessment in class # 1 Eng Cornerstone Assessment in class # 2 SS Service Learning group presentations
Science Quiz Science Quiz


Students will begin each lesson with a game or activity to practice their speaking and listening skills. There will then be a rotation of station activities where students circulate between energy vocabulary games (prep for the new science unit), publishing their holiday haiku on the computer, short story reading and ePortfolio reflections.


Students will prep, draft and write the Cornerstone writing assessment over two days in class time. They will continue reading short stories in preparation for writing their own.

Social Studies

Students will work on their Service Learning projects and present the work and ideas they have done so far. Group presentations will take place in class on Friday.


Students will undertake the Matter quiz on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Check Google Classroom EAP or the ESL Resources to help review.

They will then learn about the different forms of energy on Thursday and Friday. Be sure to review the vocab cards on this topic. There are also plenty of books to read in class.

Energy Vocab Matching