G6 ESL, 9-13 January, 2017

What is happening in ESL this week?

Welcome to 2017 and welcome back to school! It will be exciting to hear all the holiday stories from around the world. We are about to embark on the second semester of Grade 6 and it will be as busy as the first!  I trust that  2017 will be a marvellous year for all of us.


Remember there is no Wellness this semester. Advisories are on Mondays and Wednesdays. Tutorials are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mon 9 Tues 10 Wed 11 Thurs 12 Fri 13
Student HOLIDAY Semester 2 and Quarter 3 begin
Advisory (just for day 1) Advisory Tutorial

The theme for Quarter 3 is DISCOVERYThe essential questions for this unit are:

  • How do discoveries happen?
  • How do new discoveries affect the truth?
  • Why would a discovery not be accepted?
  • What makes things true?


In EAP students will discover themselves as poets by writing haiku about their holidays. They will discover what phonemes are and how to use them in writing and spelling. They will also reflect on their semester 1 work and update their eportfolio.


The new unit in English is focused on discovering yourselves as writers and what makes a good story. Students will read short stories together in class from different books and an anthology collated by Avi, called “Best Shorts.”

All students are encouraged to read selections in this book and any other short stories they may come across. Students will be analyzing and looking at techniques and strategies authors use to write an effective short story in order to prepare and guide them through the process of writing their own short story later in the term.

Students will also be reading short stories in preparation for the G6 Cornerstone writing assessment that will take place next week. This will be an expository piece of writing that reflects all the skills students learned and practiced in semester 1.


In Social Studies students will rediscover their Service Learning project. They will review the work their group has done to date, and make plans for implementing their service.



Students will review the Matter unit for an upcoming quiz.

When that is done next week, they will “discover” different forms of energy while undertaking a variety of tasks in the lab.