G6 ESL 12-15 December, 2016

What is happening in G6 ESL this week?

 It is the last week of the semester and everyone is looking forward to the break. Let’s finish strong!

Mon 12 Tues 13 Wed 14 Thurs 16 Fri 16
Book Talk Presentations B Book Talk Presentations B Conflict Projects due F Book Talk Presentations G Block HOLIDAY
Conflict Projects due D Half day. School finishes 12pm.


Students will practice and present their book talk on their Novel Study book. The focus is on speaking fluently and clearly in front of an audience.

Also, make sure you have a “just- right” book to read for the holidays. RAZ Kids and Epic are on line options for reading as well.



Students will complete their conflict projects, share and peer review them.


Students will reflection on their learning about solids, liquids and gases. There will be a quiz on this topic when you get back to school in January.


Farewell Genil!  We wish you all the best in your new country.

Congratulations to Ai, Seungbihn and Sam for exiting ESL. Well done!