G6 ESL, 5-9 December, 2016

What is happening in G6 ESL this week?

 There are 9 more school days left and lots of work to finish before the end of term! Keep organized, try your best, and end the semester strongly. There’s also Sports Day on Friday which will be loads of fun.

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SS Research due EAP Book Talks   EAP Book Talks Sports Day

Wear House shirt

      Eng Novel Study essay finished.  


Students will practice and present their book talk on their Novel Study book. The focus is on speaking fluently and clearly with adequate details in front of an audience.

Homework: Finish Book Talk speech if it is not done and practice your speech.




Students will draft and revise their Novel Study essay on conflict. This is to be written at school only.


Students will finish their research and start planning and creating their conflict presentation for Social Studies. Presentations will be due Monday 12th December.

Homework: Finish research if it is not done and create presentation.


Students will continue conducting experiments with solids, liquids and gases. They will continue working their way through the handouts with lots of predicting, observing, testing, and evaluating!