G6 ESL 17- 21 October



Mon 17 Tues 18 Wed 19 Thurs 20 Fri 21
Special Schedule Special Schedule Special Schedule Regular day Regular schedule blocks 1-3
12pm Dismissal 12pm Dismissal 12pm Dismissal   Filipinana
PT Conferences PT Conferences PT Conferences   3pm Holiday!

We have a one more week to go before our mid-term break.

This week Parent- Teacher Conferences will be held on Monday, Tues and Wednesday. That means students have Mon, Tues and Wed afternoons off. I know you will be very upset about that (not)! Of course I know you will spend the afternoons READING and working on any unfinished projects!

Conferences are for teachers to meet with parents only. Next semester we will have Student Led Conferences.

Please note that there are special schedules on Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri.

The special scheduled for Friday’s Filipinana,  will be sent out in a separate blog post.


Students will:

  • Review types of sentences (G group).
  • Practice speaking for their Science presentation.
  • Practice reading strategies with “The Iron Man.”
  • Play some vocab games to practice verb tenses and verb agreements.
  • Complete any unfinished assessments in EAP, Eng, SS and or Science.
  • Reflect on their learning over Quarter 1.

Phew! We will be busy!


Students will finish their Create a Society projects on Monday and begin voting. As you finalize the finishing touches to your amazing Create A Society projects, review the checklist sheet, and make sure you have everything you need! Also, remember to use the rubric to help guide you.



Students will also select an appropriate book to read over the holidays in preparation for the Quarter 2 Novel Study unit.


Mung Bean Lab Presentations will continue from Monday to Wednesday. Make sure you practice speaking audibly (loudly) and clearly at home. It is a good idea to video yourself, and then you can really see how you are. Think about volume, eye contact, gesture, fluency and confidence.


Work hard this week, and you can celebrate with a well- deserved week’s holiday!