G6 ESL 10- 14 Oct, 2016


Mon 10 Tues 11 Wed 12 Thurs 13 Fri 14
EAP B Writing assessment EAP G Writing assessment
Eng/ SS Society Project Eng/ SS Society Project Eng/ SS Society Project Eng/ SS Society Project Eng/ SS Society Project
G5 & G6 Party


Wow, what wonderful time we had at CWW. I hope you rested over the weekend and are ready for the busy week ahead.

Remind your parents to sign up online for Parent Teacher Conferences next week if they have not done so.


Students will:

  • Write an expository paragraph about CWW for an EAP writing assessment.
  • Review verb tenses to support writing and speaking skills.
  • Continue reading The Iron Man in class to practice reading strategies.
  • Science- mung bean lab report


Students will immerse themselves in their Create a Society project. This will continue all week in both subjects. Students will SYNTHESIZE all the learning that they have been doing in Social Studies to date and TRANSFORM it into their own society. This collaborative task will be challenging, but enjoyable! Each student will write their own paragraph on the government and economic system in their society. As a group students will create a visual showing the government hierarchy, and list the rights and responsibilities of citizens on a poster board.

Make sure you keep to the schedule and that all group members participate and collaborate so you all do the best job you can possibly do. Read the Performance Task Handout and Rubric carefully and use them to guide and help you know what is expected.



society-project-Eng essay-rubric

photo 2-4IMG_0117photo 1-1


Students should finish writing their mung bean lab report, and practice presenting (speaking) it out loud so you are as fluent as can be.