G6 ESL, 26- 30 Sept, 2016


 MAP tests will be conducted this week. Language starts on Monday and Reading is on Wednesday & Friday. Make sure you have a good night’s rest, eat a healthy breakfast and bring a healthy snack on those days!

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Book Club # 3


Students will practice writing expository paragraphs to support work in English classes.

B group will work on subject & predicate in sentence structure and G group will work on fragments and run-ons to help their writing.

Students will also continue to practice their reading strategies through a study of The Iron Man.



  • Reading
  • Book Club Prep
  • SS review (quiz next week)
  • No redink up to date


Students will practice writing expository paragraphs using the EmPower method. This is preparation for writing their own expository explanation for the upcoming Create A Society project.

The third Book Club meeting will be on Wednesday 28 Sept. Make sure you have

  1. Read chunk 3
  2. Summarized chunk 3
  3. Completed your BC role/ job
  4. Ready to discuss your wonderful book


Students will review government and economic systems for a quiz next week.


Make sure you know the vocabulary and understand the terms. Check the materials in the SS folder in ESL Resources.

Government Resources

For the Service Learning Project students will prepare an interview.


Students will have their cell quizzes returned. They will then show their understanding of the scientific method or process by writing their mung bean lab report. Vocabulary associated with this process is in the ESL Science file.

Mung Bean Task Resources- Scientific Process