G6 ESL, 30 Aug- 2 Sept, 2016

What is happening in G6 ESL this week?

Mon 29 Tues 30 Wed 31 Thurs 1 Fri 2
HOLIDAY Eng- Small Moment Writing Assessment in class Eng- Small Moment Writing Assessment in class
Tutorial Advisory- Birthday Celebrations


In classes this week we will:

  • Practice reading- review  “Just Right Books”- 5 Finger Test, A- Z program, buddy reading
  • Review Parts of Speech- finish Gathering Grid, station rotation.
  • Review science vocabulary related to cells.
  • Practice fast writing.


  • Reading a “Just Right Book” in English.
  • Learn cell vocab for science.
  • Finish Gathering Grid. Learn vocab for Parts of Speech. (Quiz next week).


Students will review teacher comments on their small moment # 1 writing. They will then select another story seed to plan and write a small moment # 2 narrative in class on Thursday and Friday. This is to be done at school without help from parents or tutors.


Teachers will continue to read aloud “The Giver.” For some ESL students who find this book too challenging, they can read an audiobook independently at this time.


  • Reading a “Just Right Book” in English.
  • No redink: Adjectives and Capitalisation & Pronouns lessons, practice and quiz should all be completed. (This is from last week).


Students will continue planning their Service Learning Project with their team.

They will learn about the MISO research method to help collect information for their project.


Students will continue work on and finished their Information Gap task. This will help  learn and review the form and function of cells, and related vocabulary, for a quiz in 2 weeks.