G6 ESL, 22- 26 August, 2016

What is happening in G6 ESL?


In EAP students will

  • Review “Just Right Books,” the 5 Finger Test, and practice reading skills.
  • Individual reading assessments will begin. (These are one on one with a teacher).
  • Review Parts of Speech.
  • Study science vocabulary related to cells.
  • Review the SS command terms.
  • Practice fast writing.


  • Reading a “Just Right Book” in English.
  • Learning and reviewing vocab for:
    • English (parts of speech)
    • SS (command terms)
    • Science (microscope & cell vocab)


Students will select one of their paragraph drafts to develop into a small moment/ personal narrative. This will have a beginning, middle and end. Parts of Speech will also be continued (pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs) as students continue to look at the structure of language and focus on improving their word choice in writing.


Teachers will continue to read aloud “The Giver.” For some ESL students who find this book too challenging, they can read an audio book independently on the laptop at this time.

Homework: work on small moment 1 drafts.

Social Studies

Students will look at global issues and relate them to the Philippines. Make sure you check out the ESL Resources Q1 SS Folder to help you review the command terms and problem-solving vocabulary for SS.


Students observed and sketched different cells last week. This week they will prepare their own slides using fresh onion cells, their own cheek cells, and pond leaves. There is a practical lab assessment at the end of the week so attend tutorials if you need more help using the microscope.


  • Remember to wear closed-in shoes when you are in the science lab.
  • Again make sure you check out the ESL Resources Science Folder to help you!

Homework: Make sure you can use a microscope and can identify  the parts of a microscope.


Mon 22 Tues 23 Wed 24 Thurs 25 Fri 26
Science Lab Practical assessment Science Lab Practical assessment
Small Moment 1 due (Beck HB)
Small Moment 1 due (Benford HB)
Small Moment 1 due (Hamaguchi & Vergel HB)
Open House 5pm (Parents only)