G6 ESL, 16-20 May, 2016

What is happening in G6 ESL?


We are back to our regular 2 classes for each block this week.


In EAP sessions students will work on:

  • Reading comprehension tasks
  • Review vocabulary and concepts in SS & Science
  • Take a vocab and sentence structure quiz
  • Practice speaking skills in preparation for the upcoming speeches in English.

Vocab cards are also in the Q4 Science and SS resources in the ESL Resources folder. 


You should know all the science terms and the materials economy terms which include: extraction, production, distribution, consumption, disposal and sustainability.


Students will finish their script on a Genre Wheel book and start practicing their persuasive presentations.

Continue reading for your GW challenge and submit those summaries! You have 2 weeks to go!


This week students will integrate SS & Science. They will look at how the materials economy affects the biome they chose to research.


Students will review the vocab and concepts related to the ecosystem, food chain and food webs in preparation for a Quiz coming up at the end of the week.



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