G6 ESL 25- 29 April, 2016

What is happening in G6 ESL?


It’s a short week this week. I do not see H block at all as we have Activity Day of Thursday and Friday is a holiday.

A block will continue with WIDA testing Remember to have a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast and keep calm and positive.


The Reading Part 2 WIDA test will take place on Monday as well as individual student speaking tests throughout the week. Ms Guiry and Ms O’Regan will conduct these.

Students will continue with their a mini persuasive essay on one of their Genre Wheel books. This is due Tues for Block A students.

Keep reading for your GW challenge as well – and submit those summaries!


Students will work on their persuasive presentations for a Genre Wheel book.


Last week students viewed the video “The Story of Stuff.” This week the focus is on the Production component of the Material’s Economy. There is will also be an interactive game called the Trading Game to learn how supply and demand works.


Students will continue learning vocabulary and concepts related to Ecosystems. They will be doing web quests in class (see the email sent by Mrs. Vergel with all the links) and a bingo game to practice vocabulary.


Mon 25

Tues 26

Wed 27

Thurs 28

Fri 29

WIDA testing-reading & speaking WIDA testing- speaking WIDA testing- speaking ACTIVITY DAY- wear your house T shirt HOLIDAY