What is happening in G6 ESL?

We have had two new students join us this semester and this week we will have three more students join our EAP class. I am sure everyone will make our newcomers feel welcome, and help them find their way around school and settle in.


Students will undertake a mini persuasive essay about one of their Genre Wheel books.The focus of this essay is to fine tune grammar and convention skills, (especially verb tenses and verb agreements), structure ideas clearly and to use persuasive language. These skills will support your Genre Wheel conference and the persuasive language you are studying in English for your product advertisement.



Genre Wheel conferences will take place this week for many EAP students. Check your class schedule and be prepared.

You should also continue your genre wheel reading. This will finish at the end of April.


Students will work on their advertisements for their Future Forecast product. The FF Convention is on Wed 20th April. There is also a SS assessment this week. It will include 4 paragraphs about the FF problem, background, solution and positive and negatives of your product. This will be on Fri 15th April.


Students will complete their electrifying electrical circuit investigation and reflect on their learning.


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