1- 4 Dec, 2015

What is happening in G6 ESL this week?

It’s December already and the end of semester is approaching fast! There’s a lot to do, so stay organized, attend tutorials, and ask for help if you need it.

Mon 30 Tues 1 Wed 2 Thurs 3 Fri 4
HOLIDAY Cornerstone Cornerstone Plot & Character due
Current Events
EAP Book Talk EAP Book Talk
Science Quiz Science Quiz

Coming up…

Mon 7 Tues 8 Wed 9 Thurs 10 Fri 11
EAP Book Talk EAP Book Talk Current Events
Half Day. School finishes at 12pm.


Students will plan, prepare and practice doing a book talk on their Novel Study book. The focus is on speaking fluently and clearly in front of an audience.

Book Talk EAP


Students will undertake the Cornerstone writing assessment on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Novel Study will then continue for the rest of the week. Individual conferences with a teacher will also continue.

Elements of Fiction Vocab Cards


Students will review concepts relating to solids, liquids and gases on Tues and Wed. Classes will have a quiz on Thurs or Fri. Make sure you learn the words on the vocab cards to help you study. Next week will be some final experiments using slime!

Matter Vocab Cards