23-27 November, 2015

What is happening in ESL this week?

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WIDA WIDA WIDA Novel Study- all Elements of Fiction tasks due


It is the final week of WIDA assessments this week. Please be on time to class and have your Novel Study book to read. If you finish your tests, you can work on your Novel Study for English.


Your Visitor Guide is complete. For the next 3 weeks there is an English focus in classes. Students should have read their novel. This week you will be having an individual conference with a teacher to discuss your book and show your summary and vocab cards. There will be mini lessons on the Elements of Fiction including character, conflict, theme and plot. For homework continue working independently on your Novel Study tasks.

Elements of Fiction Vocab Cards


Students will continue conducting experiments with solids, liquids and gases. These will be done back in the classroom. Work your way through the handouts with lots of predicting, observing, testing, and evaluating! Make sure you know the words on the vocab cards below.

Matter Vocab Cards