21- 25 Sept, 2015



We all had a fantastic time at Island Cove last Thursday & Friday. I trust you had great weekend recovering and preparing for the week ahead. Fortunately it is a short 3-day week for students.

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Science cell quiz Teacher Work Day
Book Club # 3 Holiday for Students Holiday for Students & Teachers
Homework:Science reviewBook Club summary Homework:Science reviewBook Club job Homework:Read BC chunk 4 Homework:Read BC chunk 4 Homework:Read BC chunk 4

EAP (A Block only again this week)

Lesson 1: Writing Skills & Science support

  • Expository vs narrative texts
  • Writing practice- expository (hamburger) paragraphs
  • Cell review- Kahoot!

Lesson 2: Reading Skills and Social Studies support.

  • Reading Strategies: Book Club prep
  • Citizenship- vocab


The focus is back on writing again in English. We will look at the similarities and differences between narrative and expository texts. We will also review expository paragraphs as preparation for writing our own expository pieces over the next 3 weeks.

The third Book Club meeting will be on Wednesday 23 Sept. Make sure you have

  1. Read chunk 3,
  2. Summarized chunk 3
  3. Completed your BC role/ job
  4. Ready to discuss your wonderful book.


Students will finish learning about citizenship and people’s rights and responsibilities. You will then look at educational and societal structures as further background for the upcoming Create A Society performance task.


Cell review will continue. Students will have their quiz on Wednesday. Use the videos to help you review and check the Science folder in ESL Resources.