31 Aug- 4 Sept, 2015

What is happening in G6 ESL?

Mon 31

Tues 1 Wed 2 Thurs 3

Fri 4

HOLIDAY Science Lab Assessment SS Map Quiz


Story Teller

Block 2 G6 Assembly Story Teller
Book Club selection Small moments nearing completion (due Mon 7th)


Lesson 1: Reading Skills and Social Studies support.

  • Reading practice
  • A Block – Mapping vocabulary and atlas skills
  • H Block- Government vocab

Lesson 2: Writing Skills and Science support.

  • Writing practice.
  • Parts of Speech
  • Review science vocabulary related to cells. Form and function of cells.


  • Reading new Book Club book- chunk 1
  • Practice vocab for
  • Science (cells)
  • SS (maps & government)


Students will revise and edit their small moment narrative. This will be due on Friday (Benford) or Monday (Beck).

Parts of Speech will also continue (conjunctions, prepositions and interjections) as students continue to look at the structure of language and focus on improving their word choice and fluency in writing.

Book Clubs will be introduced. Yahoo! Students will be shown a selection of books available and make a choice. Book Club groups will then be determined and students can check out their book and start reading. There will be mini lessons on different reading strategies over the next two weeks. We will be going through all the details step-by-step in class.

Social Studies

There will be a Map Quiz on Wed. Make sure you review all the types and parts of a map.

Be sure to use the ESL Resources O’Regan 2015-16 folder in (see the bar on the right of this blog) to help review.

We will also introduce terms and concepts that are used to describe social structures and government systems. We will participate in some fun role-plays to help us understand these concepts. Below are the terms we will learn about:

  • Government
  • Society
  • Democracy
  • Communism
  • Monarchy
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Theocracy
  • Dictatorship
  • Transitional Government
  • Capitalism
  • Socialism
  • Communism

Students will then be introduced to different types of Government Systems. There will be a lot more vocabulary to learn with this unit!

Current Events presentations will start on Friday.

It would be very useful for you to discuss the meanings of these words with you parents and make sure you understand the terms in your first language. All students are asked to talk about what kind of government and social structure is in place in your home country. Feel free to talk about other countries with your parents as well, perhaps other countries your family has lived in, or visited, or countries that are in the news at the moment. Be prepared to come and share this information with your classmates.


Students have a practical lab assessment on Tues or Wed. They will then work on an information gap activity to practice and review their learning on cells. Again make sure you check out the ESL Resources Science Folder to help you!