9-13 February 2015

It’s CWW week in Middle School!

Our Novel Study unit has come to an end. There has been some astounding work produced reflecting a fantastic understanding of the elements of fiction, as well as creative ways of communicating that understanding.

Setting map Setting diorama Monologue- KH Cause & effect 2 Cause & effect 1

The final task was to be submitted by the end of class on Friday 6th Feb. If you are up to date, you have no homework this coming week. If you have not completed something, it is you responsibility to turn it in either in hard copy or electronic form (notifying the teacher) by Monday 9th Feb.

If you need to retake the EoF or Map quiz, you should plan on reviewing over the coming week, attend tutorial on Tues 17th Feb and retake the quiz in tutorial on Thurs 19th Feb.

Parents and students are asked to check their emails for daily updates and reminders regarding CWW.

Have a fantastic week outside the walls of the classroom!